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A Vortex and a Vertical Wall

Cyclone Rush


On Baha Bay waterpark’s Cyclone Rush multi-person raft ride, you’ll want to grab your friends and get ready to enter the eye of the storm. Your raft will blast through dark chutes and out into the sunlight as you swirl, ascend and dive around the maelstrom of a 40 foot wide open bowl and then careen up an almost vertical 2-Story tall wave wall.


Required Riders 2 to 5
Minimum Rider Height 48 Inches
Maximum Rider Weight 270 lbs
Max Combo Rider's Weight 770 lbs
Length 450 Feet
Drop From the Top 54 Feet
Wave Wall 35 Feet Tall, 10-Degree Angle
Rider Vessel 5-Person Cloverleaf Raft

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