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Baha Bay

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 Get ready for an adventure like no other, as you twist, splash and slide your way down Baha Bay’s state-of-the-art water slides in Nassau, The Bahamas. Reach top speed on our exhilarating water coasters, feel the incredible rush of a freefall plunge, or raft into thrills on multi-person rides built for unforgettable fun.


The action doesn’t stop on this aquatic adventure filled with steep turns, full loops and a high, shriek-inducing free-fall drop at the end.

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From high above a tropical oasis you’ll begin your freefall, letting gravity take control as you speed straight down into a cooling splash pool.

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Close your eyes and wait for the drop. This fast and fun body slide takes the bravest riders through thrilling twists and loops before a final plunge into a sparkling pool.

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What goes up, must come down! This exhilarating water coaster uses powerful water jets to propel a straight multi-person raft through an unpredictable (and always thrilling) combination of open air saucers, dark tunnels, steep hills, and more.

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Hold on tight! You’ll ride out the storm on a multi-person raft that speeds around a huge swirling bowl, then up and back down a nearly vertical wall.

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Take a spin on a fierce and fun raft slide that combines curvy, unpredictable tunnels and gravity-defying saucers that will send you on a whirling, twirling adventure.

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