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Baha Bay's Endless Wave

The Surf


At Baha Bay water park, Nassau, The Bahamas, you’ll experience the rush of our one-of-a-kind surf simulator! This unique three-lane surf rider gives experienced surfers and novices the chance to shred like the pros on a perfect, endless wave. For advanced riders,  the Flow Curl™ section features a steep wave face for airs and a breaking section that allows for more radical maneuvers. There is also plenty of space of space for new riders, or riders who want to test and polish their skills before advancing to the curling section.


Minimum Rider Height 42"
Experience Level No Lessons Required
Ride Footprint 3853 Square Feet
Rider Vessel 1 Surf Board
Rider Vessel 2 Body Board

A One-Of-A-Kind Surf Simulator In The Caribbean

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