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Drift Away on a Bahamian Breeze

The River


Lay back and let a sparkling current whisk you through the lush landscapes of Baha Bay waterpark on The River. At over a quarter of a mile long, The River is designed to offer incredible fun for kids and adults alike.The journey begins on The River’s beach, where an initial soothing drift delivers pure island chill. Then, the current picks up and the adventure really starts. Dynamic waves and exciting rapids make for an exhilarating experience through lush tropical foliage on this one-of-a-kind river ride that’s anything but “lazy.”


Minimum Rider Height with Adult 42 Inches
Minimum Solo Height 48 Inches
Length 1770 Feet
Time To Circle the Island 15-20 Minutes
Depth 3 Feet
Vessel Type 1 36 Inch Circular Tube
Vessel Type 2 72 Inch Double Tube
Flotation Vests Provided

Over a Quarter Mile Long

The second longest river in The Bahamas

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