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Experience Jet Propulsion

Dueling Riptide Coasters


At Baha Bay waterpark in Nassau, The Bahamas, you’ll have the chance to experience Dueling Riptide Coaster. This unique raft ride is not only one of its kind in The Bahamas, it’s the only one in the entire Caribbean. Challenge your friends and see who splashes down first! State of the art jet propulsion allows riders to speed up steep hills creating a true “coaster” experience, with wet and wild ascents, dizzying turns through open air saucers and stomach-sinking drops that will keep you guessing—and screaming—all the way through.

*CLOSED 9/27-9/29


Required Riders 2
Minimum Rider Height 48 inches
Maximum Rider Weight 270 lbs
Max 2-Rider Weight 400 lbs
Minimum 2-Rider Weight 160 lbs
Length 620 Feet
Drop from Top 55 Feet
Powered By Jet Propulsion
Vessel 72in, 2 Person RocketBLAST Tube

The only double water coaster in the Caribbean!

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