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Centrifugal Force Awaits



Overlooking Baha Bay water park and the sparkling waters of Nassau, The Bahamas, you’re about to experience a clover-leaf raft slide designed to surprise and thrill on Hammerhead. Moving at blazing speed, the rafts bank on high saucer walls glued by centrifugal force. Even with the raft approaching perpendicular, it sticks tightly to the steep walls. It’s continuous full speed ahead through twisty tunnels and steep saucers creating a drop-and-dive sensation as you barrel down this exhilarating open-air water saucer ride.

*CLOSED 9/20-9/22


Required Riders 2 to 5
Minimum Rider Height 48 inches
Maximum Rider Weight 270 lbs
Max Combo Rider's Weight 770 lbs
Length 466 feet
Drop From the Top 55 feet
Rider Vessel 5-person Cloverleaf Raft

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